Rate Manager: Rates

Modified on: Thu, 12 Aug, 2021 at 6:11 AM

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Rate Manager: Rates

To manage rates from the Rate Manager, navigate to Revenue Management > Rate Manager. From here, you can first select a date range. Upon selecting a "from" and "to" date, simply select SET RANGE to confirm the dates.

You can then add additional parameters, which include the following:

  • ORDER BY: Indicates the order in which rates are shown
  • SHOW: Show rates by RATE, RATE TYPES, or ROOM TYPES.
  • FILTER INDIVIDUAL RATE(S): Filter by a particular rate type and rate.

To leave rate types and rates open, leave the FILTER INDIVIDUAL RATE(S) field empty and select the green SHOW ALL RATES button.

From here, you'll find all of the rates you've built in your system. If you click on a rate from the left side of the screen, you can change the rates for that particular rate by any of the rate values. You can then increase or decrease the original rate price. If you wish to apply the rate to all occupancies select the blue APPLY TO ALL OCCUPANCIES button and then click the green SET button.

If you want these rate changes to repeat on certain dates until a specified date, you can select the APPLY PRICE checkbox, select a day or days of the week from the FOR EVERY field, and then select an UNTIL date for which the rate would be active. Upon clicking the green SET button, the adjusted rate will appear in orange with a star to the top left of the rate value.

If you then click on the rate value again, you can select CLEAR RATE OVERRIDES to reverse all adjustments to the rate. You'll then see that the rate returns to its original value.

The above article explains how to use the rate manager with a focus on rates. For more information, view this video or contact Customer Support.

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