How to Process an Expedia Virtual Card Reservation

Modified on: Tue, 10 May, 2022 at 10:36 AM

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How to Process an Expedia Virtual Card Reservation

To process an Expedia virtual card reservation, begin by retrieving the Expedia reservation. Here, you can see that the rate code is hidden with an SR. You can view the rate by selecting the SR VIEW RATE button on the right side of the stay card, and this will expose the rate.

Prior to checking the guest in, it may be advisable to update the email address on file with the guest's email, as often the email that comes through will be an Expedia or email address.

Once you've updated this information, you can proceed with the check-in by selecting the green CHECK IN button and enter any missing guest data if prompted.

If room upgrades are enabled for your property, you can offer the guest an upgrade or proceed with the check-in.

Generally, the credit card to be charged will appear on BILL #1 of the Registration screen. If you want to move the credit card to BILL #2, navigate to BILL #2 and where it says Expedia Merchant Card, select the dropdown menu and choose Credit Card. You can then select the credit card on file.

If you navigate back to BILL #1, you can change the payment method to cash by selecting Cash from the dropdown menu where it says Expedia Merchant Card. This step is not necessary, as the guest will be prompted to enter their credit card at check-in.

By selecting the green COMPLETE CHECK-IN button, you will be prompted to take INCIDENTALS ONLY. The amount shown will be based on your hotel's configuration. Upon selecting INCIDENTALS ONLY, you will then be asked to prompt the guest to enter their credit card, and Stayntouch Cloud PMS will take the authorization.

With this in place, you can simply check out the room charge to the credit card on file on BILL #2. If you wish, you can authorize that credit card for the amount by clicking the CC AUTH button in the PAYMENT METHOD section of the stay card. You can then select the credit card and enter the amount you wish to authorize for BILL #2. Upon selecting the green AUTHORIZE button, you'll have a successful authorization on that credit card for BILL #2, and you can then use the credit card at check-out and have a completed transaction.

The above article explains how to process an Expedia virtual card reservation. For more information, view this video or contact Customer Support.

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