How to Configure Zest Web Check-In

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How to Configure Zest Web Check-In

To configure Zest Web check-in, navigate to Settings > Zest > Check-In. From here, you will be able to determine which settings are present on Zest Web check-in emails. 


First, to enable Zest Web check-in emails, turn ON the toggle for SEND EMAIL CHECK-IN ALERT. You should also turn ON the toggle for PRE-CHECK-IN ONLY.

Below these settings, you can select the following checkboxes if desired: 

  • Notify Guest When Room Is Not Assigned: This is applicable only for the legacy Zest app.
  • Only If Reservation Is CC Guaranteed: Guests will only be able to receive the Zest Web emails to check in if their reservation is credit card guaranteed.

You'll also see options to send Zest Web check-in emails to guests at particular times:

  • SEND EMAIL TO GUESTS ON DAY BEFORE ARRIVAL: Indicate what time you would like to send a guest check-in email on the day before arrival.
  • SEND EMAIL TO GUESTS ON DAY OF ARRIVAL: Indicate what time you would like to send a guest check-in email on the day of arrival.


You can also select a CHECK-IN ACTION from one of the following:

  • SENT TO QUEUE: This will send guests to QUEUED on the Manager Dashboard. You can also turn ON a toggle for USE CHECK-IN PROCESS WITH UPSELLS, which will use the check-in process as an opportunity to upsell.
  • AUTO-CHECK-IN: This will automatically check-in guests based on the reservation fulfilling the selected criteria.
  • None: No action taken post pre-check-in.


Within the Confirmation section, you can determine what guests will see when they opt for Zest Web check-in. Simply enter the desired email text in the box for CHECK-IN COMPLETE CONFIRMATION SCREEN TEXT. This is used when a guest completes pre-check-in. 


The Pre-Check-In Email Fields section is where you go to enter the actual text guests see on the pre-check-in email. Here, you can configure custom text for PRE-CHECK-IN - EMAIL TITLE, PRE-CHECK-IN - TOP BODY, and PRE-CHECK-IN - BOTTOM BODY.


If you want to exclude certain rate codes, block codes, or room types from receiving Zest Web check-in emails, you can select these from the dropdown menus for RATE CODES TO EXCLUDE FROM CHECK-IN, BLOCK CODES TO EXCLUDE FROM CHECK-IN, and EXCLUDE FOLLOWING ROOM TYPES FROM EMAIL INVITE. Once you have selected the rate codes, block codes, or room types you would like to exclude, select the green EXCLUDE buttons next to each.

The Guest Detail Collection, Birthdate Collection, and Address Collection sections are where you can indicate what the system will collect from guests during Zest Web check-in. These sections are explained below:

  • Guest Detail Collection: If you turn ON the toggle for ASK GUEST ADDRESS DETAILS, it will collect both address and birthdate on a single screen.
  • Birthdate Collection: If you turn ON the toggle for PROMPT FOR GUEST'S BIRTHDATE, it will collect birthdate separately from address. Selecting BIRTHDATE IS MANDATORY will make this field mandatory at Zest Web check-in. Furthermore, you can select a MINIMUM AGE REQUIRED TO CHECK IN if desired. If you do not wish to set a minimum age, leave it at 0.
  • Address Collection: If you turn ON the toggle for PROMPT FOR GUEST'S ADDRESS, it will collect guest address separately from birthdate.
  • Guest CC Collection: If you turn ON the toggle for PROMPT FOR GUEST'S CC, it will always collect a new credit card, even if one exists. If the guest wants to use a different credit card than the one used during the reservation, the system will prompt for that here.


If you want to have specific staff members alerted when guests complete Zest Web check-in, you can turn ON the toggle for WEB CHECK-IN STAFF ALERT. This can be configured either for All or Only when check-in is NOT successful. Then, simply enter the email accounts (separated by semicolon) to which to send the alert below.


You can select to OFFER ROOM DELIVERY OPTIONS and then select one of the following ROOM KEY COMMUNICATION OPTIONS:

  • Email
  • Email or Text Message
  • Email and Text Message

You'll also notice a toggle for ALWAYS ASK FOR GUEST MOBILE NUMBER. This, however, is not in use for general Zest Web check-ins, as it was designed for a specific customer that uses Zest Web check-in differently.

Next to Room Key Communications, you'll see the option to ENFORCE DEPOSIT, which will require the guest to pay a deposit during pre-check-in if there is an open deposit.

If you want to ENFORCE COUNTRY SORT ORDER, which is set up through Settings > Hotel & Staff, this will enable you to set the display order of countries so the most commonly selected countries display on top. 


If a guest isn't receiving check-in emails, you can manually have them sent to the guest by selecting the blue SEND CHECK-IN EMAIL button at the top of the Guest Check-In Setup page.

If the guest meets the required criteria, their name and email address will appear for selection on the page pictured below. Simply select their name and hit SEND WEB CHECK-IN INVITES to trigger a check-in email.

The above covers how to configure Zest Web check-in for your hotel. Please note, once you have configured all of the appropriate settings for your hotel, always remember to hit SAVE CHANGES, or your information will be lost.

For more information about Zest Web check-in, see this video or contact Customer Support.

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