How to Check Out a Guest

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How to Check Out a Guest

To check out a guest with Rover, first locate the departing guest from the Rover Dashboard. Departing guests can either be located from the DEPARTURES section or via the search bar. You can search for a guest by name, group, room number, or confirmation number.

Once you've located the guest reservation, select the reservation. Upon doing so, Rover will open the guest Stay Card. For more information about what's included on the Stay Card, view this article. It's easy to see when a guest has a due out status, because their Stay Card is denoted with a red CHECK OUT button.

To proceed with check-out, select the CHECK OUT button, which will direct you to the Guest Bill page.

From the Guest Bill page, you will notice there is a number that displays in red indicating the guest's current due bill. By going through the charges, the user can review bill details with the guest, and if necessary, the ADD CHARGE button can be used to post a new charge or make an adjustment. Select a charge from the readily available list or search for the appropriate code. Quantity and price are easily updated from the popup menu, as well—even on items that have a designated price.

Once payment information is confirmed and updated, make sure the guest email on file is correct, as Rover will email the guest folio will be sent to this email address.

Next, select REVIEW BILL 1 AND COMPLETE CHECK-OUT, and you have successfully completed check-out in Rover.

As a side note, Rover can be configured to enable room status update during check-out. When used, the current housekeeping status is shown with an ability to manually update the room status to READY. Otherwise, by default, Rover will update the room with a DIRTY status once check-out is complete.

The above illustrates the check-out process with Rover. For more information, you can view this video or contact Customer Support.

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