How to Check In a Guest

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How to Check In a Guest

To check in a guest with Rover, first locate the arriving guest from the Rover Dashboard. Arriving guests can either be located from the ARRIVALS section or via the search bar. You can search for a guest by name, group, room number, or confirmation number.

Once you've located the guest reservation, select the reservation. Upon doing so, Rover will open the guest Stay Card. For more information about what's included on the Stay Card, view this article. It's easy to see when a guest is an arrival, because their Stay Card is denoted with a green CHECK IN button.

As long as the guest has been assigned a room and satisfied the payment requirements defined by your hotel, the CHECK IN button will proceed to the Registration page.

However, if a guest has not been assigned a room yet, you will be directed to the Room Assignment page upon clicking the CHECK IN button. If your hotel is interested in generating upsell revenue, Rover can also be configured so that upgradable rooms display during check-in. If a room upgrade is selected, Rover will auto post the upgraded charge each night to the guest bill.

After choosing a room type, you will be directed to the Registration page, where you will see the guest billing page and be able to COMPLETE CHECK-IN

Please note, you have the option to change the signature requirements by navigating to Settings > Hotel & Staff > Hotel Details > Rover Registration.

Depending on your hotel's door lock system, you also have options for creating room keys with Rover.

The above illustrates the check-in process with Rover. For more information, you can view this video or contact Customer Support.

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