How to Create a Reservation in Stayntouch Cloud PMS

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How to Create a Reservation in Stayntouch Cloud PMS



To create a new reservation in Stayntouch Cloud PMS, either click the + NEW button from the dashboard or navigate to Front Desk > Create Reservation. This will direct you to the Reservations screen, where you will be asked to enter the information pictured below.


In order to speed up the reservation creation process, the only mandatory fields are the arrival and departure dates. You can select the dates directly on the calendar or enter the number of nights in the space provided. 


However, if you do have the extra details, you can enter information in the remaining fields. 


From the ROOM TYPE(S) field, you can select the desired room type from a dropdown menu as well as indicate the number of extra ADULTS, CHILDREN, INFANTS, and ROOMS for the reservation.


Below that, you will be asked to enter the Guest First Name and Last Name, as well as the following (if applicable):

  • Company/TA Name

  • Group/Allotment Name

  • Corporate ID

  • IATA Number

  • Group Code

  • Allotment Code

  • Promo Code


It is also possible to find contracted rates by entering the COMPANY / T.A. / GROUP / ALLOTMENT or GROUP / ALLOTMENT / PROMO CODE.


Finally, if the guest qualifies for a member rate, you can select the checkbox for MEMBER. If selected, hotel staff can select the TYPE from the dropdown menu provided upon selection.



For this example, however, we will create a reservation using just the stay dates and guest first and last name.





After you have entered this information, select FIND ROOMS & RATES to be directed to the Rooms & Rates screen. Because the guest details have been entered, the system will first try and find any matching guest records before directing you to the Rooms & Rates screen.



If the guest does not have an existing record, you can opt to select the NEW GUEST >> button to create a new guest card.



It is also possible to proceed directly to the Rooms & Rates screen without entering guest details.


At the top right corner of the Rooms & Rates screen, you will see the Company tab (in blue), Travel Agent tab (in purple), and Group/Allotment tab (in green). If these details were provided previously, they can be found here.



Below this, you can select a checkbox for Show Restrictions. Based on your user permissions, you may or may not be able to select a restricted rate for a guest.



Next to this, you will also see a checkbox for Show Stay Dates, which, when selected, will show the guest’s stay dates and allow you to change the number of guests. By selecting Show Stay Dates, you can choose different rates for different dates by clicking on a date and choosing a different rate than the other date(s). Click DONE to save the rates.



From this page, you’ll also be able to sort by RECOMMENDED, ROOM TYPE, and RATE. To determine the tab to which users are directed, navigate to Settings > Reservations > Reservation Settings and select either Recommended, By Room Type, or By Rate from the DEFAULT RATE DISPLAY dropdown menu. Users will then default to the chosen tab during reservation creation.



The RECOMMENDED tab will display with rates/room types when the COMPANY / T.A. / GROUP / ALLOTMENT and GROUP / ALLOTMENT / PROMO CODE have been filled in.



Furthermore, the ROOM TYPE tab will sort availability by room type; whereas, the RATE tab will sort availability by rate. You will see orange downward facing arrows next to each rate. When you click these arrows, a list of the room types available for that rate will appear, each with downward facing arrows, as well. Clicking these arrows will reveal a description of the room type with rate details and deposit and cancellation policies. 



Once you have identified the right rate for the guest, click the green BOOK button.





After you select the BOOK button, you will be directed to the Enhance Stay screen, where you can attach add-ons to the reservation. Here you will see a selection of different packages your property offers by charge group, and an add-on can be attached simply by clicking the green ADD button. 



Doing so will display a ROOM ENHANCEMENTS popup with details about the package. Please note, if an add-on is based on the number of adults, when attaching it to a reservation, it will automatically be applied to the number of guests indicated for the reservation. You will also be given the option to ADD MORE TO THIS ROOM and continue with the add-on process. If you instead want to continue with the reservation process, click CLOSE WINDOW.



Whether you want to proceed with the add-ons selected, or you would like to bypass add-ons completely, simply click the green BOOK button at top right of the screen to continue with the reservation process.



Upon clicking the BOOK button, you will be prompted to enter the guest Last Name and First Name to either create a new guest card or find an existing one (if you have not done so already). You can either choose a guest card that populates when entering the name or click the NEW GUEST >> button to create a new guest card.





After selecting one of these options, you will be directed to the Guest Details & Payment screen, which shows a RESERVATION SUMMARY with the CONFIRMATION # and room rate selected. If you would like to enter an arrival and departure time, you can do so by selecting the dropdown arrows underneath the arrival and departure dates. 



On this screen, you’ll also find buttons for DEMOGRAPHICS and BILLING INFORMATION


The DEMOGRAPHICS button allows you to track the various characteristics about the guest, such as the RESERVATION TYPE, MARKET, SOURCE, ORIGIN OF BOOKING, and SEGMENTS



You will also want to select the BILLING INFORMATION button to set up specific bill routing information for the reservation.



To the right side of the Guest Details & Payment screen, you will be given an option to select a PAYMENT TYPE from a dropdown menu. If you select Credit Card, you can either select from EXISTING CARDS or choose to ADD NEW CARD.



Please note, Stayntouch Cloud PMS does not save whole credit card information in the system. After swiping a credit card, Stayntouch Cloud PMS passes that information to the payment gateway. The payment gateway encrypts the guest credit card and passes an encrypted message back to Stayntouch Cloud PMS. As a result, Stayntouch Cloud PMS only holds the encrypted or tokenized information the payment gateway produces. Please also be aware, for existing guest cards with credit card information already attached, Stayntouch Cloud PMS will pull previously saved credit card information and auto load it for the PAYMENT TYPE, eliminating the need to reenter the guest credit card details. There is, however, always the option to add a new card. 




Once you’ve selected a PAYMENT TYPE, you will be able to proceed by selecting the green CONTINUE button. On this last screen, you can review the reservation and specify if the confirmation email should be sent to one or multiple email addresses. As you can see, you can also choose not to print the guest rate by selecting the checkbox DON’T PRINT RATE, and if you’d like to enter a unique, personalized message that will appear in the guest confirmation email, you can do so by selecting CONFIRMATION CUSTOM TEXT. After reviewing this information, simply click CONFIRM RESERVATION to finalize your reservation. The reservation is confirmed, and you can proceed to the guest stay card or navigate back to the dashboard if desired.

The above explains the reservation creation process in Stayntouch Cloud PMS. For more information, see one of the below videos or contact Customer Support.

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