Zest Station: Configuring Add-Ons

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Zest Station: Configuring Add-Ons

IMPORTANT: Ask the property which 3-6 Add-Ons they’d like enabled during check-in with Zest Station. WHY? We do not want to slow down the check-in process, and offering too many Add-Ons to guests during check-in will result in long lines. 

NOTE: Charge Code and Add-Ons need to exist in OPERA prior to this process. Do make sure that charge codes in OPERA are unique and not shared between different Charge Codes. 


Step 1. Set Up External Mappings in Rover  

  • In Rover, go to Settings > Interfaces > External Mappings > Opera OWS

    • Choose + Add New

    • Create Posting Types in Rover to match those in OPERA.

      • The Posting Type must match the property’s OPERA posting types. 

    • Create Amount Types in Rover to match those in OPERA.

      • The Amount Type must match the property’s OPERA amount types. 


  • All OPERA mappings are manually set up in Rover Overlay. 
  • Use the dropdown menu to select a Mapping Type (amount type or post type) and the SNT Value.
  • The External Value needs to match what the property has saved in OPERA.
  • A StayNTouch installer performs the mapping for the property.
  • The OPERA mapping page will be totally blank (unless a StayNTouch installer has mapped here previously).
  • OPERA needs to share the mapping details with a StayNTouch installer.

Step 2. Verify OPERA Charge Codes 

  • Verify that the Charge Code numbers in OPERA are unique and individualized for each Add-On. (Property needs to update the charge code in OPERA first.) 

  • The Rover import will fail if any OPERA Add Ons share charge codes with other Add-Ons.   

    • For example:

      • Successful Import from OPERA: 

        • Chocolate: Charge Code 2001

        • Spa Treatment: Charge Code 2002

        • Parking: Charge Code 2003

      • Unsuccessful Import from OPERA: 

        • Chocolate: Charge Code 2001

        • Spa Treatment: Charge Code 2001

        • Parking: Charge Code 2003

  • Re-import in Rover if the property makes any changes in OPERA. 

Step 3. Begin Importing Add-Ons 

  • In Rover, navigate to Settings > Rates > Add-Ons.

  • Select Import from PMS. 

  • Make sure to activate (toggle ON) all of the Add-Ons in this section. (We will control which Add-Ons the guest can choose from the Station > Add-Ons page.)


  • Rates > Add-On: Leave ON (Leave ON regardless)
  • Station > Add-Ons: ON or OFF (This determines if the Add-On appears in Zest Station)

Step 4. Amount Type

  • While on the Rates > Add-Ons page in Rover, verify that the Amount matches what is in OPERA (the amount in Rover will need to be the same as the “package details” amount in OPERA).

Step 5. Images 

  • Do include an image from the Rates > Add-Ons page in Rover.

  • This image will appear on the Zest Station screen.

  • Image dimensions should be 960x600 pixels. 

Step 6. Add-Ons: Sell Separate 

  • From the Rates > Add-Ons page in Rover, mark the Add-Ons in Rover Overlay as Sell Separate

  • Sell Separate must be activated for Zest Station Add-Ons in Rover Overlay. 

    • Note: With Sell Separate activated, Rover will account for the Add-On revenue by itself.

  • We do NOT support inclusive Add-Ons in Zest Station. 

  • Inventory numbers for Add-Ons (i.e., 6 baby cots, 7 laptops) are managed in OPERA (not Rover Overlay).

Step 7. Create Charge Groups

  • Select Settings > Financial > Charge Groups > Add New. 

  • Create a new Charge Group labeled Add-On(s).

  • Then Save Changes. 

Step 8. Import Charge Codes 

  • Select Settings > Financial > Charge Codes > Import from PMS.

  • Once the import is complete, review each Add-On and make sure the information matches the charge code details in OPERA. 

  • Rover required fields include: Charge Code, Description, Charge Group, and Charge Code Type.

Step 9. Enable Add Ons for Zest Station

  • Now, select Promos & Upsells > Upsell Add-Ons.

  • Toggle ON the setting for Check-in Using Zest Station.

Step 10. Select Display Order

  • Add-Ons include a short note that indicates to the guest how the Add-On will post to their bill (amount type/post type). 

  • From the Display Order settings, choose how you’d like this information to appear. 

  • You may choose for either the amount type or post type to appear first. 

  • For example if you’d like the amount type (e.g., flat) to appear before the post type (e.g., per stay), then the label would appear like so:

Step 11. Customize Labels (Amount Type & Post Type) 

  • Below the Display Order settings, there are predefined amount types and post types.

  • If you’d like a different label to appear for a particular posting, then use the space to enter a unique label.  

  • For Example: You could change the amount in Zest Web to display “per Adult” instead of just “Adult “ (see screenshots below).

Amount Type: The preconfigured label will appear along the amount (if you choose to leave the “label” section blank). 

Label: Enter a word or phrase that you’d like to replace the preconfigured amount type. 

Post Type: This is the preconfigured label will appear as the post type (if you choose to leave the “label” section blank). 

Label: Enter a word or phrase that you’d like to replace the preconfigured post type. 

Step 12. Configure Default Image 

  • The Default Image setting ensures that an image appears for an Add-On (in cases where an image hasn’t been uploaded in Rover). 

    • Recommended Image Dimensions: 360 (length) x 170 (height)

  • We recommend adding a default image (see example below). 

Step 13. Save Changes 

  • Make sure to Save Changes at the bottom of this page before navigating away. 

Step 14. Organize the Appearance of the Add Ons 

  • Now, proceed to Station > Add-Ons. 

  • Drag and drop each rows to order the items. 

  • Add ons listed at the top of the page will appear before the Adds-Ons listed at the bottom of the page. 

  • Offer Toggle: The offer toggle controls if Zest Station will display or “offer” the Add-On to guests. 

    • On: Guest will see the Add-On during check-in.

    • Off: Guest will not see the Add-On during check-in.

NOTE: In the following example, the Add-Ons have been “ranked” from top to bottom. The adds ons mirror this set up on the Zest Station screen.


Zest Station Screen: 

Step 15. Save Changes 

  • Make sure to Save Changes at the bottom of this page. 

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