Overview of EMV Setup in StayNTouch Cloud PMS

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Overview of EMV Setup in StayNTouch Cloud PMS


EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) is a global standard for credit cards that uses computer chips to authenticate and secure chip-card transactions. 

  • EMV can be configured with StayNTouch Cloud PMS Standalone properties ONLY at this time. 

  • Once EMV is activated (per the cutover call), the property CANNOT use other card swiping devices (Magteks, iCMPs, etc.).

  • StayNTouch Cloud PMS ONLY supports credit card swipe, tap, or insert. We do NOT support signature collection (on the iSC Touch) or smartphone reading (with the iSC Touch or iSMP4 Companion).  


  • The approximate cost for two devices and set up is estimated between $1,500 and $2,500.

    • Existing Customers: StayNTouch will charge existing customers a one-time fee of $750 to switch over from the property's current card reading system to EMV. The Supplemental Form MUST be signed and returned to StayNTouch before any work can begin (in addition to the property having their devices in hand). 

    • New Customers: New clients will need to refer to their contract for details (i.e., the bundle they purchased and number of interfaces they want installed). 

Types of EMVs

  • There are three types of EMVs we support. 

    • Lane/3000

    • iSC Touch 250

    • iSMP4 Companion 

    • Learn more here


Merchant Link will typically require 6 to 8 weeks to deliver EMV devices to the property (contact Merchant Link to discuss options for expedited shipping). The property must have their devices on hand/in their possession for cutover to begin. 

The property will also need to be prepared to purchase an EMV device for each iPad/computer/desktop they will use with StayNTouch Cloud PMS. (One EMV device cannot be shared between two iPads.) 


For cutover to begin, the following important milestones need to occur:

  • The property needs to order devices from Merchant Link, and (most importantly) the devices must also arrive on property for configuration to begin. 

    • Reminder: Existing customers have to return the signed Supplemental Form.

  • There will be an initial device test that requires approximately 10-15 minutes of downtime ensure EMV compatibility with StayNTouch Cloud PMS. Downtime will require coordination with the property. Credit cards will need to be manually handled in StayNTouch Cloud PMS during this brief interlude (no credit card swipes).

  • The property/Merchant Link needs to share specific device information with StayNTouch (Merchant Link to provide the Terminal ID and Terminal Access Code).  

  • The property is to provide their Public IP address for the Transaction Link box. The property’s IT team member should be able to assist with this. 

  • StayNTouch will need to update the Merchant Link Transaction URL with a new IP Address in StayNTouch Cloud PMS (the Property IT Specialist should share this with SNT).  

  • SNT is to enable the EMV settings in StayNTouch Cloud PMS.  

  • All three parties (the property, Merchant Link, and SNT) need to decide on a “go-live” date and time. On this decided date/time, ALL three parties will be on the SAME CALL to finalize cutover and test the EMV devices.

  • This call takes approximately 10-15 minutes and should happen at a relatively “quiet” or slow time at the property.  

  • Once EMV is ON and cutover is complete, the property can only use EMV compliant devices (no Magteks, iCMPs, etc.). 


For most cases where the property experiences issues with the chip reader/card swiping, direct the property to Merchant Link for support. We recommend the property “cc's” a StayNTouch Implementation Specialist for visibility.

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