Master Release Notes: StayNTouch PMS Overlay (v3.0)

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Master Release Notes: StayNTouch PMS Overlay (v3.0)

The Complete Guide

Effective: 18 October 2017

This document is a collection of all the product enhancements release since v2.0. We encourage you to review each section below to learn about what's available to your property. 

Newest Changes: 

StayNTouch App Enhancements

Previous Updates:

Hotel Settings



There were a number of app updates over the course of version 3.0’s release. To enjoy these benefits, upgrade to version 1.3.5 of StayNTouch Cloud PMS from the App Store (search for SNT Rover). Learn more below:

Device Status Button: We’ve introduced the ability to check the status of paired iCMP device(s) from the iPad. Functionality with the iPad includes:

(1) A status button that instantly retrieves stats about the device (access from Settings > Device Status).

(2) A banner notification when the device loses connectivity.

(3) A banner notification when the device’s battery life drops below 20%.

Display the Device Status When the Workstation has Websocket Connection: Properties that use MagTek credit card swipes can also check the connection status from the Device Status screen while logged in to StayNTouch Cloud PMS (desktop only).

Handle Credit Card Swipes With Multiple Tabs/Browsers Open: You can now swipe a credit card with multiple tabs and browser windows open from an iPad or desktop. The swipe action will send the response back to the active tab/window. For this reason, you will want to remain on the correct tab while swiping.



Pick a StayNTouch Cloud PMS Header Color 

  • When configured, your property’s header and hotel name can be setup to display a unique color (Figure 1). Only colors available for selection in the color scheme (Figure 2) can be used. To configure this setting, the user must (1) have the correct permission assigned to their user role (Settings - Access to Hotel Admin) and (2) navigate to Settings > Hotel & Staff > Hotel Details and choose a color under the Hotel Name and Location section. Learn more here

Figure 1. 

Figure 2. 

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