Device Status Button

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Device Status Button

How to Check the Status of Connected Devices 

With the release of StayNTouch’s Rover App (v.1.3.5), we’ve introduced the ability to check the status of paired iCMP/MagTek device(s) from the iPad. In most cases, the property will either use the iCMP or the MagTek device (but not both at the same time). 

Where do I find the app? You can locate this newest version of the app by searching for SNT Rover in the App Store.

Functionality with the iPad includes:

  1. A status button that instantly retrieves stats about the device (access from Settings > Device Status). 
  2. A banner notification when the device loses connectivity. 
  3. A banner notification when the device’s battery life drops below 20%. 

#1: Access Device Status 

  • From the Sidebar Menu, click Settings > Device Status. 

  • The device status includes the following (see screenshot below):

    • The type of device (Ingenico or MagTek). 

    • Device Name 

    • ID

    • Status (connected/disconnected) 

    • Battery %

    • Library Name

    • Version Number 

    • Firmware Version

    • Serial Number 


Device Not Found 

  • If after selecting the Device Status button the device cannot be found, then Rover will report an unretrievable device (see below).  

#2: Disconnected Device Notification 

  • When the device loses connectivity, a banner notification will display.

#3: Low Battery Life  

  • When the device’s battery life drops below 20%, a banner notification will appear.

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