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Modified on: Wed, 30 Jan, 2019 at 11:57 AM

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Eco Mode Time Setting on Ingenico iCMP Device

It is possible to adjust the ECO MODE time setting to improve the performance of your Ingenico iCMP device based on your property's needs. The number represents the number of seconds that the device will remain switched on while idle. For example, if the time is set to 900, then after being idle for 900 seconds (15 mins), the device will power down to conserve battery. The number of seconds may be increased or decreased. Alternatively, to prevent the device from turning off regardless of how long it is running, it is possible to turn OFF the ECO MODE by entering 0.  


Step 1. Turn ON the Device 

  • Press the power button located on the side of the iCMP to turn ON the device. 

Step 2. Type Code: 2  6  3  4  Green  F  F

  • The iCMP will begin to boot and display the copyright © text, which includes the iCMP version number. 

  • While on this screen, quickly enter the following key sequence:  2  6  3  4  Green  F  F


Step 3. Enter “Zero” to Disable 

  • At the Functions menu, use the F2 (UP) and F3 (DOWN) keys to navigate through the following menus:

    • Telium Manager > Initialization > Hardware > Battery Setup > ECO MODE

    • Update the number of seconds or enter a “0” in the space provided (this will disable eco mode).

    • Lastly, press the green button to save changes.

Step 4. Restart the Device

  • Hit the red button on the device to back out of the menu.

  • Restart your device with the ON/OFF button. 

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